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posted by Brett on 2012-08-25

I realize that most of you probably read these blog entries hoping to read about an exciting hunt or something that just might help you in the field, but I hope that “some” of these blog entries are much more than that.  As much as I enjoy helping you out in the woods, with stand locations, food plats, ect., I’d lots rather help you out in areas of life, dealing with struggles, life, ect.  This is just something that I recently encountered in my own life and something that will probably hit home for a lot of people... especially men.


So my wife and I just bought a new house (our first actually).  And let’s just say that it needs some work...  Ok, so it needs a lot of work!  Junk has to be thrown out (a lot of junk), smells need to be taken care of, carpet needs to be ripped out, walls need to be busted out, windows replaced, ect.  You get the picture!  Old house.  Needs a lot of work!


In the midst of working on my wife and I’s new house (with a lot of help from my Dad might I add), I realized that it’s very easy to let our work or the tasks at hand consume us, often times, even to the point where our priorities get mixed up.  


Working hard is a great trait to have (especially in today’s culture) and me wanting to finish this house up as soon as possible, so my wife and I can move in, is also a noble thing to want.  However, if in the midst of putting all these hours into this house I wind up neglecting my wife and my marriage, is it really worth it in the end?  Which is more important... my house or my marriage?  I think you know the answer to that. :)


I’ve realized countless times in my own life, how easy it is to let our work consume us.  Often times, we even fool ourselves and tell ourselves that we’re doing it FOR the family.  And while there may be a little bit of truth to that, we must never lose focus of that which is most important to us, because while finishing up a home for your wife is a good thing, what good is that home if your marriage falls apart?  And while working hard, to provide your family with everything they want is a good thing, what good is all of that if your family’s falling apart?  


If you find yourself in these shoes, I would highly recommend that you to schedule some time out for your family and have a little fun enjoying life.


Needless to say, in the midst of all the work that needed to be done and still needs to be done on the house, I did schedule in some time for the wife and I also managed to have a little fun by testing out my new broadheads. :)