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posted by Brett on 2012-12-05

What you’re probably wanting to hear, is that my luck had changed and that I finally got it done.  That my #1 Hitlister, Beamer, finally decided to show up (the same day I was there) and that I put an arrow in him at 20 yards and got it all on video...  Well, I wish that’s the story I could tell you... but unfortunately, it wouldn’t be the truth. :/


If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all this year (you can read my past blog entries to see for yourself).  Even though it’s rifle season here in Kansas, we’re still trying to get it done with archery equipment.  Even thought the temperatures are unseasonably warm, we continue to put in the time hopin to get it done, but can’t seem to catch a break.  My dad and I were in the blind yesterday morning and considering the warm temperatures and the fact that we hadn’t seen a deer by 8:40, we decided to head back to the truck.  We went ahead and pulled the cards on the trail cams and then headed to our other farm to check the trail cams there as well, then headed into town for some lunch.  Just as we’re about to bow our heads to give thanks for the food, my phone beeps with a text message from our neighbor.


No message, no words........ just a picture.  You guessed it... it was a picture of Beamer propped up with some sticks.  My heart immediately sank and depression once again set in.  It was definitely bitter sweet.  I was happy for him, because he’s definitely a good ole’ boy who loves to hunt and knows what big deer are, but at the same token, I was obviously bummed because of the history that I had with this deer and the time that I put in trying to put him down myself.


As fellow hunters and outdoorsman, I’ve realized that we need to support one another, in this great sport of hunting.  Even if someone else does in fact shoot “our” deer, we need to be happy for them and congratulate them regardless.  After all, they’re not “our” deer.  We may name em, feed em and grow em, but that doesn’t make em ours.  We are simply suppose to be good stewards of that which God gave us.  Ultimately they’re all his and He’s the one who gave them to us.


To make the story even better, come to find out, Beamer came off of our place and our neighbor shot him 20 minutes after we left. :/  Yeah, I was definitely bummed and slightly still am to be honest with you, but I know that it would be wrong of me to be upset with him for shooting that deer.  He simply did the same thing that any of us would have done, if we would have been in his shoes.  As hard as it is to come across big deer, it would have been stupid for him to pass up the opportunity, so it’s only selfish of us as hunters, to be upset with our neighbors when they shoot big deer (or little deer for that matter).  I would hope, that we could all rise above the selfishness and greed of this world and support one another good or bad.  That’s what makes this great sport so fun anyways.  It’s the stories we share and the friendship and camaraderie that comes with it.


To add some closure to this story, my neighbor (you know who you are ;) was gracious enough to invite me over to his house today and let me put my hands on him.  Not only that, but he invited me into his home and showed me his trophy room (he’s got some studs by the way) where we shared huntin stories for the next several hours.  THAT my friends, is what hunting’s all about!  And if we ever forget that as hunters and more importantly as human beings, then we don’t deserve to partake in this wonderful past time that we call hunting.

Trail cam


Trail cam


Trail cam