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posted by Brett on 2014-05-25

Most bowhunters are pretty dedicated to the the stick and string way of taking their animals and most would rather hunt than fish, but when you combined the two together, it extends “hunting” season to a year round ordeal.  Whether you wanna drop some serious change on a nice boat with lights and bowfish at night or invest very little and just wade through the local creeks during the day, bowfishing offers something for any avid stick and sting shooter.

As an avid bowhunter, I love hunting more than I do fishing, so the opportunity to shoot something during those hot summer month, while most people are fishing, seemed like a good idea me.  Little did I know how fun it would actually be.  The instinctive shooting without any sights, adds to the challenge of trying to determine the depth of water the fish are in, so you can adjust your shot accordingly.  Not only does this give me another excuse to “get out there”, but it also allows me to keep those bowhunting skills tuned year round, while still being able to shoot some critters and have a blast!