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posted by Brett on 2012-11-17


(I’m very glad I got that out).  Do you ever get so ticked off with the deer, that you just wanna cry like a little girl and quit hunting all together?  I didn’t shoot a deer last year and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s gonna happen this year.  When you finally put your hands on the horns, it makes it all worth it (at least that’s what I remeber), but it’s been so long since I’ve done that, that I’m starting to wonder if it’s really worth it.


So here’s my season thus far.  I had a big shooter 9 come in AFTER camera light and stood broadside at 8 yards, for 25 minutes.  If we weren’t filming... YEAH... HE’D BE DEAD!  But he’s not!  So the very next evening we get a mid 150’s 10 pointer who walks in with PLENTY of camera light (as if God was answering my prayer from the night before), and he jumps my stinkin string!  Otherwise... YEAH... HE’D BE DEAD!  But he’s not!  Fast foward a couple more weeks and now an even bigger deer is showing up on the cams.  But as the days wear on, with no shooters showing up and the mornings seem to come earlier and earlier, the one day.  YES... THE ONE DAY... I decide to sleep in, guess who shows up at 7:47?  ONLY THE BIGGEST DEER ON THE FREAKIN FARM!!!  And guess who was in bed?  Yeah... ME!!!  Otherwise... HE’D BE DEAD!  


You go morning after morning, evening after evening and no shooters show, but you continue to press on and fight through those early mornings, knowing that it’s only a matter of time before he shows up, but he never does.  Finally, you decide to sleep in ONE morning (out of fifty) and guess who finally shows up?  OH... and did I fail to mention that this exact deer did the exact same thing last year, IN THE EXACT SAME SPOT!!!  He was the one deer I was after last year (as a big 9) and I decided to sleep in ONE STINKIN MORNING... and YEAH... HE’D SHOWED UP.  This year he puts on at least another 15 inches, due to an additional beam and he does THE EXACT SAME THING!  AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  FRUSTRATING!!!


So guess where we’ll be in the morning... and guess who won’t show up?  :/

Trail cam


Trail cam


Trail cam


p.s. I’m still upset over this stupid deer, so I didn’t take the time to proof read this blog.  Sorry if there’s any errors. :)