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posted by Brett on 2013-06-17

It continues to blow my mind at how blessed we are as human beings.  The things we get to experience and partake in, often times overwhelms me.  My wife and I recently bought a little fawn from a guy who raises deer and this sucker’s the coolest thing ever!!!  To have this guy follow you around the house and set on your lap like he’s your best friend, is so stinkin sweet it’s not even funny.  It’s amazing at how much joy this little guy has brought to our home and the fact that God has given us the opportunity to partake in His creation to the extent of raising a wild animal is mind blowing to me.

I realize that this can be a sucky world to live in at times and many times can even seem unfair and even unbearable, but at the same token, if you consider ALL that we’ve been given by our Creator... we’re extremely blessed.  That fact that God created man and then entrusted him to take care of the entire earth and all that dwells within it is a HUGE privilege and shouldn’t be seen as anything less.  He created all of these creatures, big and small, with the careful work of His own hands and then entrusted them and handed them over to mankind as a gift, because of His love for us.  He wanted us to be able to experience a little piece of what He has, so He set us up as “rulers” over His creation.  He’s allowed us to decide the fate of His creation, both plant and animal life.  He has put us in charge and has allowed us run things how we see fit.

With that being said, we need to make sure that we as hunters continue to be good stewards.  Always leave the land better than you found it and never shoot more than you’re gonna eat.  As long as we continue to manage these animals accordingly, we will always be able to enjoy them however we see fit.