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posted by Brett on 2013-10-19

I swear, it never fails.  Every year I always manage to hunt the wrong spot or decide not to go on the one day he DOES show up.  A couple days ago I decided to hunt another farm and guess who shows up at the farm I chose NOT to hunt?  Oh, I don’t know... maybe 2 of our 3 shooters! :/  


I’ve decided that I’m not going to get upset this year.  Deer season provides too many highs and lows as it is and it’s still early, so I’m gonna keep a calm and level head.... relax..... breathe.... keep pluggin away.... and eventually, I’m bound to fill my home grown Kansas tag that I haven’t filled in over 2 years now.  That’s right... 2 years.


Deer hunting is a game of persistence, luck and patience.  Take away anyone of the three and the odds are, you’re not gonna shoot that mature buck you’re after.  So I’m not gonna get upset... at least not yet.  I’m gonna give credit where credit is due and I’m gonna continue this game of cat and mouse and keep trying to beat these suckers at their own game.  I guess that’s why the call it “huntin” and not “killin”.


Touche Deer... touche!