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posted by Brett on 2014-03-17

As soon as deer season is over, I find myself wanting to jump right into the woods around mid-late January to start looking for those first shed antlers, but even though I’m itching to get in there to find those first shed antlers, I’ve found it much better to wait until the first part of March.  The last thing you want to do, is to go into a big buck’s bedding area prematurely and bump him off on to the neighbors property, before he’s shed those antlers.  Waiting till March ensures that the majority of the bucks (if not all of the bucks) have shed their antlers by then.  That away it increases the odds of those deer shedding their antlers on your property.  Also, considering the amount miles you often walk just to find one antler, it would be a shame to get burnt out early on when there’s still plenty of bucks that haven’t shed the antlers yet.