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posted by Brett on 2013-07-24

Awww, the beautiful month of July.  The time in which most people complain about the heat and the lack of rain.  Even though I share in the complaints of many, when it comes to the rain and sometimes the heat... for the most part, the month of July is usually a pretty good month.  It’s that time of year when every hunter really starts to get serious about the upcoming season.  Bucks start sporting racks decent enough to start getting excited about and big enough to start telling who made it through last season.  July is usually when your local retailers start carrying your favorite hunting gear and the time that hunters get to see the newest products.  Most tags have been bought or drawn and so the preparations begin for the upcoming season.  Now’s when guys start laying out their game plans to figure out how they’re gonna shoot that monster this year.  New hunting gear is purchased, new arrows are fletched, trail cameras are set and new hopes once again fill last year’s disappointments.  How will this year’s season play out?  Will I shoot that big one that I’ve been chasing the last couple of years?  Is he even still alive?  I wonder if any of the up-and-comers turned into studs?  There’s a lot of uncertainties in the month of July, but one thing is for certain... the preparations you make now, will definitely help determine this years success.  Don’t sell yourself short!


God Bless & Good Luck

- Brett