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posted by Brett on 2014-09-16

We made the 12 hour journey to North Dakota again this year, specifically targeting one deer.  It’s hard enough to target one deer for an entire season, but to target one deer in a one week window is something else.  It was the early season, the time at which even the big boys should be fairly easy to pattern, so we thought this hunt was gonna be a done deal.  Little did we know that the cattle farmer would have other plans.  A couple days before I arrived, the cattle farmer decided to move his cows into the area where we had a nice buck patterned like clock work.  Once the cows were in, the buck was gone! 

We set it out that first evening not knowing what to expect and after we had checked the card on the trail camera, the buck was no where to be found.  We then put on over 1,000 miles between two trucks over the next several days, trying to find another one big enough to go after.  We managed to find a couple really nice bucks, but weren’t able to get permission on either spot.  After having wasted a couple days scouting and with no luck, we finally decided that we had to commit to the one spot we had, with the only buck we had worth chasing.  Long story short, he never showed up again after the farmer moved his cattle in. :/

Of all the days we were there, it just so happened to be 9/11 when we decided to walk that property out, in hopes of getting a better idea of where that buck might be... and low and behold if we didn’t come across a wooden structure, on top of hill, that looked all too familiar.  It reminded me that over 2,000 years ago a man shed His blood for my sins and not just my sins, but the sins for the entire human race.  It also reminded me that 13 years ago, on that exact day, many people lost their lives due to some of the most wickedness the world has ever seen.  It reminded me that life is short and eating a tag sandwich isn’t the worst thing that could happen.

Hunting isn’t always about punching that tag or filling your freezer.  Sometimes it’s about getting lost... so that you can find yourself.  You see... it’s in the midst of chasing these critters that I learn more about creation and the more I learn about creation, the more I learn about my Creator.

I consider myself blessed... tag sandwich and all!