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posted by Brett on 2013-10-12

 For most hunters, the month of October can be a very trying time, considering that temperatures are usually warm and the summer patterns of the deer no longer exist.  This time of year the big boys usually go nocturnal and go into hiding until rut starts to kick in.  There’s a reason they call it the “October Lull”, because usually big buck activity is pretty slow.


That doesn’t keep a diehard from still pluggin away.  Even though buck activity can be very slow to non-existent, it still only takes one time for things to come together.  Every bow hunter knows that you go out a thousand times, hoping to be there the ONE time that big boy screws up.  We plug away all season long for that one opportunity where that big boy does in fact make a mistake and even though the odds seem to be slimmer during the month of October, there’s still a chance that he could make a mistake and I’d lots rather have been in the stand and see that he wasn’t there, as apposed to not going and find out he was there.