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posted by Brett on 2013-12-19

In light of recent events (Phil being suspended indefinitely from Duck Dynasty), I felt compelled to write this blog.  In case you haven’t heard by now, Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty was suspended indefinitely from Duck Dynasty on A&E, for speaking out his beliefs on homosexuality in a recent GQ article.  


As most of America knows by now, the Robertson family is a very close knit, Bible believing, God fearing family, who’s foundations are rooted in the Word of God (A.K.A. the Bible).  Their beliefs are not just something they’ve made up themselves to suit their own lifestyles (as many people do today), but rather their beliefs come from a Book that has been around for thousands of years (longer than any other book mind you).  They’re beliefs don’t come from a college professor or some new way of thinking and they certainly don’t pick and choose which ones they like and ONLY stick with those.  Their beliefs come from a book that is the #1 Best Seller of ALL TIME (look it up).  It has sold more copies than any other book in history, no other book is even a close second.  This book is also translated in more languages than any other book in history (look it up), no other book is even a close second.  It is the oldest form of documentation we have in existence today (look it up), no other book is even comes close.  At the very least, this Book is the most unique piece of writing the world has ever seen, not even considering the fact that there’s a possibility that it could be the written word of God.  This family hasn’t decided what it’s beliefs are based on what they’d like to see as right and wrong in this world.  But rather, this family has chosen to let the Bible decide what is right and wrong in this world and they have chosen to let it guide the moral compasses of their lives, even when they have gone against it at times.  They have chosen to conform their lifestyle, based around their beliefs in Scripture rather than conforming their beliefs, based around their lifestyle (as most of the world does).


On a side note, might I just say this... IF (and I do mean IF), IF for some reason there is indeed a written set of rules of morality for the human race, out of ALL the books and writings that exist, don’t you think that the Bible is probably our best bet?  Ironically enough, more people have tried to completely get rid of and destroy this book than any other in history (look it up) and yet it exists more prevalent today than ever.  This book is also the #1 most stolen book of all time (look it up).  Just based off of the facts alone that we have in front of us (not considering the possibility of the God factor), you have to admit, this Book is the most unique, interesting and intriguing piece of writing the world has ever seen and there’s TONS of other interesting facts about this Book that would blow your mind (just look em up).  With that being said, don’t you think that IT, has a better chance of being the moral code for humanity than any other writing or “opinion”, because that’s what most of the other’s are, are just opinions.  The Robertson’s aren’t basing their beliefs off of their “opinions”.  They didn’t just wake up one day and think, “you know, I just feel like homosexuality is wrong, therefore it must be wrong.”  No!  What they decided to do is to look at the Bible, what they believe is the inspired Word of God and ask themselves the question, “what does the Bible say about this issue?” and they do that with EVERY issue in life, not just the ones they like. 


Also, just in the midst of Phil’s situation, I’ve already seen several headlines saying things like, “Duck Dynasty Dude Attacks Gays”.  Really?!?!?!  You really think he’s “attacking” gay people?!  Wow!!!  If you actually think he’s “attacking” gay people, then your worldview is screwed up my friend.  I’ve seen people attack other people and him sharing his opinion on homosexuality after being asked about it, is FAR from “attacking” anyone.  


I also can’t count the number of times that the liberals have said that the conservatives are intolerant of their views.  Really?!  How bout we define those terms real quickly.  If a person is tolerant of something, that means they tolerate it.  In other words, they don’t necessarily agree with it, but they go ahead and deal with it anyways, they tolerate it.  If a person is intolerant, then that means that they will not and do not tolerate it.  In other words, they obviously disagree with it and because they disagree with it, they will NOT put up with it, they will NOT tolerate it.  Now let’s take a look at this whole situation and see who’s really being “tolerant” and who’s not.  Phil was basically fired... so who was being tolerant of who?  He was asked about HIS opinion (right or wrong, keep in mind that EVERYONE has and is entitled to an opinion) and because “his” opinion didn’t agree with the opinion of GLAAD, he was fired.  So again... who was being tolerant and who was being intolerant?


The liberals view of tolerant is this (and we’ll just look at homosexuality to save time): if you do not endorse and promote homosexuality, then you must be against it and if you are against it, then you must hate us and if you hate us, then that means you are bad and we need to expose you to the media in an attempt to get rid of you.  This is EXACTLY why Phil has been suspended, because a group known as GLAAD didn’t like the fact that Phil didn’t agree with their views on homosexuality, so they pushed the issue with the network to forcefully make them do something about it.  Now who’s being tolerant of who?  They both have their own views and opinions, they OBVIOUSLY differ on the issue of homosexuality, but one was fired while the other one was not.  Now class... who’s being tolerant of the other persons views and who’s being intolerant (I am obviously being sarcastic, because to me... it’s obvious).  And this is the case with almost EVERY issue.  Abortion is another great example.  Also notice how they always put a nice sounding term with their immoral lifestyle.  They don’t want to say the term “abortion” or anything about killing babies, so rather than saying that, they like to say that they’re “pro-choice”, which subtly says that if you don’t hold their belief on abortion then you are obviously not “pro choice”, but rather you are against people’s free choice.  If you’re not going to endorse and promote homosexuality, then you must be “anti-gay” and therefore you automatically “hate” gay people.  


You might also take a look at other things the “liberals” have pushed for in the past and I think you might see a pattern.  The Bible and Prayer were taken out of schools many years ago.  Guess which side pushed that one through?  To me, it almost seems that they’re “anti-God”.  They don’t want anything to do with Him OR his moral standards.  They wanna do whatever feels good to them and if you tell them that what they’re doing is wrong, then you must hate them and therefore your a bigot and everything else.  They want to surround themselves, only with other people who share their same beliefs, so that away they don’t ever have to worry about anybody telling them that what they’re doing is wrong.  NO ONE likes to be told that they’re doing something wrong.  I understand that!  But I also think that it’s a very scary place to be in, when you surround yourself with people who will NEVER disagree with you.  


Let me close with this: I too believe that the Bible is in fact the inspired Word of God.  I believe that He has given His creation an incredible piece of writing.  One in which, if we follow it’s ways, there seems to always be order and peace and if we don’t follow it’s ways (and you can examine this in your own life), there is disorder and chaos.  I don’t believe homosexuality is wrong, because I’m some homophobe or simply just don’t like or understand it.  I believe that homosexuality is wrong, simply because the Bible says it’s wrong, as it does many other things as well.  Also please know, that just because I believe it’s wrong (along with a list of other things, some that even exist in my own life), doesn’t mean that I “hate” gay people.  Believe it or not, I actually have several friends that are gay and I treat them no differently than my straight friends.  But what I do see, is an entire world that is imperfect and full of sin and BECAUSE I love both gay and straight people, I feel a great need to (in love) let people know where we are falling short, so that we can hopefully do better, just as I hope others will let me know where I too am falling short, so I in turn may become a better man and a better human being.


“For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine.  Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.  They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.”


2 Timothy 4:3-4