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posted by Brett on 2013-01-15

With deer season officially closed, a deer hunter realizes very quickly, why they call this time of year “suicide season”.  Unless you trap or chase the ducks and geese, there’s really not a whole lot to do this time of year.  The antlers haven’t started dropping yet (at least not enough to start looking for them) and it’s just about too cold to do anything else.  


This time of year, a deer hunter can find himself in a daze... setting on the couch, lost and depressed, wondering how he’s gonna make it till next season.  It seems like it was just yesterday you were planting your food plots, hanging stands and checking your trail cams.  With anticipation growing and season under way, you find yourself leaving work early and getting there late just to spend some more time in the woods.  You know it’s only a matter of time before you shoot the big one!  With every moment growing on the next, excitement and adrenaline increases to an all time high!  Now you’re using vacation days, sick days and personal days, going every chance you can, each day getting better and better!  That ever so small window you’ve been waiting for all year is finally here, everything is under way and things are running at full tilt.... and before you know it... it’s gone.  It was here... and now it’s gone. :(  All the excitement and hype that you had going into a 2-3 month window is now gone, leaving you in question, wondering where it went.  Like a child, who anxiously waits for Christmas to come every year, finds himself depressed only a few days after.  You too, find yourself depressed.  That once vibrant spirit inside of you now starts to slowly shrivel up, as it regresses towards a deep, dark, black hole, at the center of your core.  So what is a man suppose to do now???..............


“What is one to do now?”, you asked....  Ahh, but you see... THIS is only the beginning. :)..............  THIS is when the anticipation and excitement starts to grow for next season!  THIS is when you find out what bucks made it through and realize that they’re only gonna get bigger for this next year.  THIS is when you take the accumulative knowledge, of last years triumphs and failures and start using it to your advantage!  THIS is when you start formulating new game plans, new food plots and new stand locations!  THIS is where you start fine tuning your skills, preparing for an even better season ahead!  THIS............. is where it all begins! :)